Fishing Options

Want to go fishing in Naples, FL? Love the excitement of a fish tugging on your line? Can’t wait to reel in “the big one?”

Then you’ve come to one of the best fishing spots on planet earth because the Paradise Coast is home to Ten Thousand Islands, an outstanding national park bursting with wildlife! It’s 22 miles away from Naples, FL and it runs another 107 miles all the way down to Flamingo Bay, the Florida Straits, and the Florida Keys. Fish that live out in the Gulf of Mexico that we target, all originate from our mangroves, estuaries, and reserves. So we can almost guarantee that you’ll feel the rush of a fish tugging on your line. So now the question is “what kind of fishing do you want to do?”

Deep sea fishing

If you’re a fan of catching big fish (and who isn’t, right?), then you want to go deep sea fishing out in the Gulf of Mexico. As a general rule, the deeper the water, the bigger the fish! Of course, there are many exceptions to that rule. On our deep sea excursions, we mainly go bottom fishing for Grouper and Snapper but there are many other varieties of fish that we target depending on the time of year. For a complete list, visit The Catch. Your offshore fishing expedition begins at the Tin City Shops traveling south on the Gordon River through Naples Bay, then we “hang a reggie” (turn right), and head west through Gordon Pass out to the glorious Gulf of Mexico where hungry fish await our arrival. We travel up to 20 miles offshore on our party boat and up to 60 miles offshore on our private charter boat. For rates, departure times, options, or to book a reservation, visit our deep sea fishing page.

Coastal & calm bay fishing

If you like to fish but prefer calm waters or want to catch a magnificent sunset while fishing, then our coastal fishing trips are perfect for you. On these excursions land always remains in sight and the fish are just as eager for a free meal as they are in the deep sea! Our coastal & calm bay fishing trips are recommended for families with small children (younger than 6) because the excursion takes less time than our deep sea trips and yet the opportunities for catching fish are just as plenty. Grouper, snapper, kings, sharks, redfish, snook, and tarpon are just a few of the varieties of fish we target. For a complete list, visit the seasonal fishing calendar. For rates, departure times, options, or to book a reservation, visit our coastal & calm bay fishing page.

Go fishing on a party boat (a.k.a. “head boat”)

Angling from one of our party boats (also known as “Head Boats”, depending on what part of the world you’re from) is the most economical way to fish in the waterways surrounding Naples, FL. Our party boats are named Lady Brett and Naples Explorer. These two are open to the public so you’ll have the chance to meet new people from various parts of the world. Naples Explorer is our back bay party boat and she has a max capacity of 17 passengers. Lady Brett is our deep sea party boat with a max capacity of 20 passengers.

Fish on a private charter

For those who’d prefer a private charter boat, we are happy to accommodate you. Whether you want to spend quality time with just your family or you want to bond with co-workers and friends, you are in control of the duration. Choose a 4.5 hour, 6 hour, or 8 hour trip and whether you’d like to fish offshore in the deep sea or calm bay areas. Our private fishing fleet consists of the Kudu which travels up to 60 miles offshore and Kudu II which travels up to 9 miles in the back bay. Both boats hold up to 6 passengers. If this isn’t enough space, our party boats listed above can be commissioned for your private party.

Which fishing trip is right for your party?

Deep sea party boat Deep sea private charter Calm bay party boat Calm bay private charter
Fishing equipment and bait provided
Fishing cleaning and packing provided
Best opportunity to reel in the big one
Most affordable
Customize duration of trip*
Travels farthest from shore
Best for avoiding sea sickness
Recommended for ages 6 and up
Recommended for ages 6 and under
Smoking permitted*
Sunset fishing cruise*
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* If you need accommodations for a private party of 6 or more people, our 17 and 20 passenger party boats may be rented as private charters. You can choose the duration of the trip, a sunset cruise, and/or whether to allow smoking.