Calm Bay / Coastal Fishing

Want to fish but on calm waters? Prefer to be close to land when fishing from a boat? Want to experience an unforgettable sunset fishing cruise?

Then you have come to the right place! At Pure Florida’s Naples location, we take our guests’ suggestions seriously and some of you have told us:

Man, I’d love to go deep sea fishing but…

  • I tend to get nauseous / I’m prone to sea sickness.
  • Anti-nausea medicine doesn’t seem to help at all.
  • When I go fishing on a boat, I feel more comfortable staying close to land.
  • I want to bring my children but I’m not sure they’d enjoy it.

Well there is good news! We have the perfect alternative for you.

Coastal Fishing Cruises – Tin City Naples, Florida

We created our coastal fishing trips with guests like you in mind. People that hop aboard these excursions:

  • Prefer to stay closer to land.
  • Aren’t hardcore fishermen, just people who like to fish.
  • Want the option of enjoying an amazing sunset fishing cruise.
  • Are primarily families with younger children who don’t have a lot of experience fishing.
  • Want to avoid sea sickness. (BTW, if you start feeling nauseous, we will “reel ’em up” and move to a more calm location.)
  • Want to experience being out on the water which is what Southwest Florida is well known for…everyone wants to be out on the water!

Our Naples staff is 100% committed to serving you. Whereas other captains go out fishing with their guests and think they’re there to fish too, our captains don’t. Our guys look after you to make sure that your experience is most enjoyable.

Where our charter boats travel and what we fish for

Our captains will take you to various waterways near our dock at Tin City including Naples Bay, Gordon River, Crayton Cove, Halderman Creek, Rookery Bay (east of Halloway Island), Dollar Bay (east of Keewaydin Island), and coastal reefs in the Gulf of Mexico up to 3 miles offshore (weather permitting). In contrast to our deep sea fishing fleet that targets mainly grouper, snapper, and larger fish, we target redfish, snook, sheepshead, mangrove snapper, ladyfish, trout, and pompano. For a more complete list of fish we target, check out our seasonal fishing calendar.

Coastal fishing in the bay is recommended for small children under 6. “Bay” is described as 3 miles inland, in our mangroves and rivers. Since we don’t have to travel as far as deep sea fishing trips, coastal fishing is shorter in duration and better suited for your small child. We especially find joy in seeing fishing through the eyes of children. They enjoy when something pulls on their line and when they catch a fish. But it doesn’t matter to them if it’s an enormous fish. We cannot guarantee catching fish. We want you to have fun with the thrill of trying to get that fish to bite.

Just imagine the delight on your youngster’s face as she feels a fish tugging on her line. As we like to say “the tug is the drug” and we’re confident your family will want to come back year after year, especially if you elect to ride aboard our…

Backwater Calm Bay Coastal Fishing Options

M/V SEA FLIGHT II & III Private charter up to six passengers

More Time Fishing and Less Time Traveling to fish on the bay and near the coast aboard M/V SEA FLIGHT II or III with excellent comfort features and an experienced Captain.

4 hours – $750.00
Each additional hour – $175.00

Departure Times
Call us at 239.263.4949 to confirm the departure times depending on your private boat booking.

The M/V Naples ExplorerCoastal fishing party boat for up to 17 passengers

A shared party (head) boat that fishes the calm waters of Naples Bay. Catch redfish, snapper, snook, tarpon and even shark. M/V NAPLES EXPLORER can also fish up to 3 miles offshore (subject to weather) to improve your fishing experience.

Adults – $109.00
Child – $69.00 (4-12 years)
Plus 7% Florida sales tax.

Departure Times
Departs daily please call for departure times. Reservations are recommended.
Call 239.263.4949 for Sunset Fishing departure times. Arrive 20-minutes prior to all departures.

Any minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during excursions with Pure Florida.
*Prices subject to change without notice.


Can I bring my own fishing equipment?
You’re welcome to bring your own fishing equipment if you want. However, our fishing gear is top of the line. We recommend you use our rods, reels, fishing line, bait, and hooks.

Do I have to get dirty by handling the fish or bait?
Nope, not at all. We run a full service fishing charter. That means that the captains and crew will handle the fish and bait for you. All you have to do is notify them by yelling “FISH ON!” If your fish is a keeper, our captains will also clean and gut the fish and put it on ice for you to take home. Don’t have a kitchen in your hotel room to prepare it? Not a problem! For a small fee Riverwalk or Pinchers (two waterfront restaurants in Tin City) will cook it for you with a few sides. Imagine the taste of succulent, fresh fish with drawn butter and spices, prepared just the way you like it. Doesn’t it feel great knowing that you caught it too?

Since we will be outdoors, can I smoke?
Yes, you can smoke if you book a private charter aboard M/V SEA FLIGHT I, II or III or M/V Naples Explorer. Smoking is prohibited on public charters in consideration of others aboard the fishing trip.

How many fish can I expect to catch?
It really depends on the time of year. It’s not uncommon to catch 40 or 50 fish! Whether or not they’re big enough to keep, is a different story. A lot of the fish are restricted in regards to length and quantity. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know which ones. Our captains are well aware of fishing laws and will take care of that for you. Typically EVERYONE goes home with some fish.

Want to learn more? Check out an expanded list of frequently asked questions

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do bring plenty of water. There’s a tendency to forget to hydrate yourself once you start having fun. Meanwhile it’s hot here in Naples, the sun is reflecting off the water, and nothing spells “buzzkill” better than dehydration.
  • Don’t forget your camera; especially if you’re bringing your kids or you’re going on a sunset cruise.
  • Do post your fishing photos and videos aboard our boats on our Facebook page!
  • Do bring plenty of snacks. Otherwise we’ve got a snack bar that you can purchase snacks from.
  • Don’t worry about having a place to relieve yourself. Bathrooms are aboard all of our vessels.
  • Do bring a hat and sunscreen, and apply liberally. Remember, you’re in the tropics of Southwest Florida!
  • Don’t event think about jumping overboard. We don’t want to have to fish you out of the water.

Common misconceptions

More experienced males catch more than females.
In our experience when a family is on board with us, the husband and/or dad usually likes to take charge by showing the wife and kids “how it’s done.” 90% of the time, the woman catches more fish than the men and it usually drives the men nuts! Why? Because the ladies listen to the captains. They don’t know always know how to fish so they’re more receptive to learning. We’ve had more females come on this boat who say “I’m not fishing. I just came on the boat because I want to watch my husband and my kids have fun.” But we’re willing to bet you’ll change your mind before the trip is done because there’s a great chance you’ll wind up catching all the fish and loving it!

Taking home a lot of fish = Successful trip
Of course everyone would like to take home a bountiful catch. But we’ve learned that taking home a lot of fish doesn’t necessarily equate to a successful trip. At the end of the day, we’ve learned that our guests want something pulling on their line. Often times the fish is too small to keep so we have to throw it back. But the excitement that you’ll get from “the tug” and reeling in the fish is what will keep you coming back!

Taking bananas on a fishing boat is bad luck.
This is an old wives tale. It’s simply not true.

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